Why the Gut Thrive Program was Created

Hi. I’m Christa Orecchio, a clinical and holistic nutritionist and leading expert on gut and immune health. I created this program for all of you who have struggled for years with autoimmune disorders, infertility, SIBO, constipation, bloating, brain fog and endless other symptoms but could never find a diagnosis or solution.

I’m here to help find the root cause of your symptoms so that you can finally heal for good. Join me, my clinical team and our community of 6000+ Gut Thrivers in our 5-step program to optimal gut health.

What Is Leaky Gut & How We Heal It

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for gut and digestive health. That’s what makes our program unique. We customize our program specifically for you by starting with a full digestive health assessment to figure out the root cause of your imbalances. Not only do we heal a leaky gut but we help you rejuvenate your microbiome (your entire digestive and immune system) in a way where it self-regulates for a long time to come. Watch our webinar to see how this process works.

The Symptoms of an Unbalanced Biome (Leaky Gut)

Millions of Americans suffer from digestive and autoimmune disease, and most can’t figure out why. Almost everyone who eats the standard American diet has Leaky Gut Syndrome (aka intestinal permeability). The good news is there is a solution for even the most severe gut issues.

If you’ve been suffering from any of the symptoms below, then Gut Thrive in 5 is for you!

  • Insomnia
  • Bloating & gas
  • Brain fog
  • Food sensitivities
  • Malabsorption of nutrients
  • Hair loss and brittle nails
  • Thyroid and adrenal conditions
  • Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's, IBS, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia
  • Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance 
  • Infertility
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Memory issues
  • Skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Heartburn and acid reflux
  • Stomach aches and indigestion
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Weight gain (no matter what you eat or how much you exercise)

You have the power to heal leaky gut, start today!

*Cost does not include supplements which are an additional $539-$799 (depending on what plan you need). Once you purchase the program and take your gut health assessment, we will let you know how to buy the right supplements.

Try Gut Thrive Risk Free and if you don't love it you'll have it for life!

14-Day Guarantee

If you don't love Gut Thrive or find this program just isn't right for you, you'll have 14 days to get a full refund (no questions asked).

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You'll have access to the program portal for life! That means you'll have access to any new content, recipes, webinar replays or information we add.

1 Year Of Support

You'll get access to our clinical nutritionists to answer your specific questions via email for one year. After the first year, the Interactive GT5 Subscription benefits are $99/year. Option to cancel continued full support anytime.

Start with our highly specialized Health Assessment

Before you start our 5-step Gut Thrive in 5™ program, you’ll take our highly specialized digestive health assessment questionnaire created with the help of Dr. Jack Tips, C.N., Ph.D. (with 30+ years in clinical practice).

Developed over 2.5 years with 180+ algorithms using frequency and severity of symptoms, this assessment helps determine the root cause of your gut issues. Knowing where your digestive problems began, we can more accurately customize your food and supplement program to your individual issues.

Not only has our assessment been proven to be as effective and accurate as clinical lab tests at revealing leaky gut, but it also saves you the cost of running expensive lab work and the time it takes to figure out where your health issues truly stem from!

Overview of our 11 Week, 5-Step Program

The Diet – Slashing Inflammation
Remove the most common food sensitivities and inflammation-producing foods and add in soothing, calming and healing foods. Learn how to use food as your medicine to heal leaky gut.

The Pathogen Purge
Eliminate pathogens from the gut—the natural way. Our cutting-edge approach uses high-quality supplements to begin ridding the gut of these “bad guys.”

The Reseeding & Healing Of The Gut
Re-educate your entire immune system so that it can follow its original genetic blueprint of health.

The HCL Challenge & Terraforming
Evaluate how much stomach acid you are currently producing and train your body to routinely produce enough stomach acid to protect you from re-infection, re-triggering leaky gut and keep you digesting well.

The 80/20 Maintenance
Learn the 80/20 rule…80% of the time, follow the flow of clean and healthy living with our customized protocols. And hey, we’re human and need to have fun, so 20% of the time, learn how to indulge without having long-term consequences.

If you were to choose one thing to do to improve your long-term health, this is it! It is the most foundational, cutting-edge and comprehensive program out there!

Sally A

Want an in-depth look at each leaky gut healing step?

  • Our specially designed full digestive health assessment
  • Customized supplement and cleansing protocols specific to your assessment result
  • 20 hours of pre-recorded webinars with Christa, Dr. Jack and Dr. Tom O'Bryan including Q&A
  • Priority access to a private 30-minute consult with Dr. Jack at an exclusive discounted rate (this is ONLY available to The Whole Journey’s Gut Thrivers)
  • 5 sessions of in-depth, educational and action-driven videos on why and how to rejuvenate the microbiome
  • “How to implement” videos on the diet, the pathogen purge, the reseeding and leaky gut healing process and how to transition and maintain
  • Over 50 pages of action-driven PDFs to support your learning
  • A detailed, searchable FAQ database w/ 1000s of answers
  • Delicious, customized and easy-to-follow meals for every stage of the program (includes shopping lists and over 100 recipes!)
  • The mental/emotional approach (including meditations) to healing from chronic digestive issues with Mary Shenouda, The Paleo Chef
  • The Whole Journey Thyroid Action Guide: Understanding & Healing The Thyroid
  • A 20-page Model For Cellular Healing: How To Prevent and Reverse Thyroid Dysfunction
  • “Optimizing Thyroid Medication” ebook by Dr. Izabella Wentz
  • A 20-page report on “Herbal Solutions to Common Gut Bugs”

Are you ready to heal your leaky gut? Let's get to work!

*Cost does not include supplements which are an additional $539-$799 (depending on what plan you need). Once you purchase the program and take your gut health assessment, we will let you know how to buy the right supplements.

Try Gut Thrive Risk Free and if you don't love it you'll have it for life!

14-Day Guarantee

If you don't love Gut Thrive or find this program just isn't right for you, you'll have 14 days to get a full refund (no questions asked).

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to the program portal for life! That means you'll have access to any new content, recipes, webinar replays or information we add.

1 Year Of Support

You'll get access to our clinical nutritionists to answer your specific questions via email for one year. After the first year, the Interactive GT5 Subscription benefits are $99/year. Option to cancel continued full support anytime.

We have searched the far corners of the planet to find the highest quality substances possible and here are some things you should know about them:


All of the supplements we recommend are FREE OF EXCIPIENTS, like artificial additives and common food sensitivities. Excipients are inert substances used in manufacturing, such as binders, fillers, and lubricants and it's important to make sure they are harmless to the body and do not add an additional burden to the liver to process them. Even small amounts of them can be detrimental and interfere with absorption.


To fully participate and fully benefit from the Gut Thrive in 5™ Program, supplements are required. Please note that the supplement kits are an additional cost. They are exclusive, and customized supplement packages with the highest quality botanicals and bacteria strains intended to carry out very specific leaky gut healing strategies. SUPPLEMENT PACKAGES RANGE FROM $539-$799 and include domestic shipping in the price of the kit.

I lost 30 lbs in inflammation weight on the pathogen purge and I have been weight loss resistant for 20 years. The supplement formulas worked gently and effectively to release cellular inflammation.

Babs O.

Real Results & Success Stories


Good Hands.


Over 6,000 people from all around the world have participated in Gut Thrive in 5™ over the past two years. Of those surveyed, 95% said the program was more effective at healing their leaky gut than working privately with a functional medicine practitioner.

I feel incredibly grateful, relieved, and excited to have been guided to this outstanding work. I have spent years very sick and a ton of money trying all kinds of ineffective remedies for issues that no one could identify. I am not speaking as an overnight success story, but as one who continues to improve over time as my gut heals and strengthens. Through Gut Thrive in Five, I feel more in alignment with my body and nature and have more energy and enthusiasm than I have had in 5 years!

Shannon M

I have been searching for you all for many years. You were an answer to a prayer for me! I’ve taken other on-line programs but your program addresses all facets of healing the gut. I also love the way you talk to “Gut Thrivers” as you are so special in your communication.

LaZelle B

I thought this program was superior to working with a private practitioner because we benefited from the thousands of questions that other participants are asking as we go through it and that have gone through it before. I loved the information on the supplements as to why and what we were taking and how they work within the program.

Susie Y

This program has had a remarkable impact on my thyroid health. The results amazed my doctor. When I saw my lab test results, I knew that I could fully reverse my thyroid disease. For the first time in my life, I’m experiencing true healing.


Bloating, abdominal pain, gas, and brain fog are now all very minimal, and my energy level is up! I have NO joint or muscle pain since completing the program, which is amazing for a 61 year old. My health journey made a significant leap forward due to your program and I am very grateful.

Linda M

I am actually pretty healthy with just some mild symptoms, which I didn't even know came from my gut health. I knew about gut health and some of what was in the program, but this course was so thorough and full of great things I could do on a daily basis and keep doing, that to me it was worth every penny! I loved many of Christa's recipes and have been able to work up to many of them. It was a wonderful program!

Patti B

When my hair loss from alopecia rapidly got worse, I knew it was time to take action. Doctors told me it could take 2 years for my hair to grow back. After 4 weeks on the program, I was amazed at how quickly my bald patches were clearing up. After 8 weeks on Gut Thrive™, my hair was 100% back to normal!

Tony A.


Success Story

Over the past 20 years, I have been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases, including celiac, Crohn’s and Hashimoto’s. I’ve had multiple surgeries and have been to over 40 doctors. I’ve tried every possible pill, potion, and procedure and have studied thousands of hours searching for ways to heal my gut and autoimmune issues. This program brought great clarity, hope, and understanding of what I needed to do to heal my gut and my body.

The biggest difference by far has been the reduction in abdominal pain, and the frequency of going to the restroom. When I started the program, I was in a flare and going to the restroom 15-20 times daily. Now I only go 1-3 times. My pH levels are much higher (and inflammation much lower) now. My brain seems to be working much better, and I feel much calmer.

Mission #1 is fix the microbiome. The science is mind blowing. The program gives you a great sense of control and true hope for real healing. I have said many times to my friends and family, “these people are my people.” This program is not fluff. It is foundational and has the power to redirect your health IF you put in the work and are determined to better your life.

The program quite literally could sell for 5 times what we paid, and it would be worth it. I have easily spent $100,000 over the past 20 years trying to regain my health.

Gut Thrive is a small investment. What I learned and applied in this program dwarfs everything else I have ever learned! It's new cutting edge stuff that I’m convinced is going to change the trajectory of health care. The Gut Thrive team is responsive, thorough and caring.

And lastly, Christa who created this program is a gift from heaven. I have never experienced a more genuine, caring person. Her grasp of this information and how to implement it into our lives was so confirming to me that I had absolutely made the right choice.

If you have not felt well for a while, and have tried many things in the past with moderate to little success, I urge you to try Gut Thrive. You have to put in the work, but I promise you, what you will learn has the potential to change your life forever!

-Dean H. Gainesville, GA


Real Results!

  • Over 75% reported significant improvements in skin conditions (eczema and psoriasis)
  • Lowered thyroid antibody levels (and some reversed)
  • Improved adrenal gland function
  • Improved metabolism & reversed diabetes
  • Weight loss and reduced body fat (3-10%)
  • Dramatic improvement with SIBO, constipation, bloating, and brain fog by addressing the brain-gut axis

Go Ahead. “Trust Your Gut” and Enroll Today!

*Cost does not include supplements which are an additional $539-$799 (depending on what plan you need). Once you purchase the program and take your gut health assessment, we will let you know how to buy the right supplements.

Try Gut Thrive Risk Free and if you don't love it you'll have it for life!

14-Day Guarantee

If you don't love Gut Thrive or find this program just isn't right for you, you'll have 14 days to get a full refund (no questions asked).

Lifetime Access

You'll have access to the program portal for life! That means you'll have access to any new content, recipes, webinar replays or information we add.

1 Year Of Support

You'll get access to our clinical nutritionists to answer your specific questions via email for one year. After the first year, the Interactive GT5 Subscription benefits are $99/year. Option to cancel continued full support anytime.

If you say “YES” to most of the questions below, this program is for you.

  • Are you willing to commit 11 weeks to truly focus on your health?
  • Do you have 6-8 hours a week to focus on Gut Thrive?
  • Are you willing to stop eating things that don’t agree with your body?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and know there is another way?
  • Does this process get you really excited about what is possible for your health?
  • Have you gone to doctors and they tell you “It’s all in your head”?
  • Does your doctor think you need to just manage your symptoms or “dis-ease” without trying to heal it?
  • Does your learning style match with educational videos, webinars replays, and online customer support?
  • Do you understand that you may experience some die-off symptoms during the program (we have specifically designed this program to manage this process as gently as possible)?
  • Do you know that every individual’s health is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach?
  • Do you understand that you will continue the process of healing for 3-4 months after the close of the program?
  • Are you ready to be part of a healing process that is forward thinking and will require you to put in as much in as you get out?
  • Do you understand that while this program can guide your healing that ultimately YOU are responsible for your own healing process?

Still not sure if you're ready to purchase the Gut Thrive in 5 program?
Start with our free “5-Steps to Healing the Gut Webinar”.


How will you customize our protocol if you don't run lab work?

Jack Tips, Ph.D., CCN has created a cutting-edge, detailed assessment that he has run in tandem with clinical case studies (real live patients) for a full two years using before and after lab work as a marker to measure the efficacy of the assessment. After our first Gut Thrive™ launch where 2000 people took the assessment, we were able to fine-tune the assessment even further. So we can accurately slant your program to YOUR unique situation (viral, SIBO, FODMAPS, yeast and fungal infections, heavy metal toxicity, bacterial overgrowth, pancreatic deficiency, liver/gallbladder depletion, etc.). This assessment should save you $1000-$2000 in expensive lab work, helping you identify a root cause and a viable starting point. Our assessment has been clinically tested and proven in over 2000 individuals, and after fine-tuning it, we took a beta group of 100 through it to check it for accuracy. It measures 180 variables and takes into account both frequency and severity of symptoms and issues.

Do I need to be eating clean before I start?

It's helpful, but not necessary. If you are eating clean before you begin, your die-off symptoms (as the bugs leave your body) will be less severe, but we plan to give you a week to prepare yourself with small changes and then move into the full diet after that. Our process is so gentle and holistic that it turns the power over to your own body to decide the pace of detoxification. Christa guides you throughout the course with a myriad of cleansing methods to speed it up or slow it down, depending on what your unique needs are.

Does this come with supplements or do they cost extra?

If you choose to do the supplement plan, supplements will cost extra. They run anywhere from $539-$799, depending upon your Gut Thrive in 5™ Plan. You will only need ONE round and will not need to stay on them after the GT5™ process is complete. We have worked meticulously with a molecular biologist, Ph.D. in nutrition, and have a combined 60 years of clinical knowledge behind these formulas that will work synergistically to re-establish order to your entire microbiome (and immune system) and to make sure this happens in the most holistic way possible. That means you'll be able to find what works for your genetics and you'll allow your immune system to do the work to build your health instead of having the formulas “do it for you.” We believe in the philosophy “teach a man how to fish” instead of “give a man a fish” and have a high success rate with these formulas in changing and improving people's lives for the long-term. We intentionally kept the price of this course much less than its worth to allow you to use your income toward this advanced and essential clinical therapy.

What if I can't afford the supplements or don't want to take them?

If there is anything you reorder in your life to make the supplements work for you, like suspending your cable or even your gym membership (maybe you're too tired to go right now) to pay for this round of supplements, we suggest it because that's how important they are.

However, there's more than one pathway to self-healing, and indeed the program needs to fit your individual circumstances. The Gut Thrive in 5™ diet, lifestyle, support, and cleansing methods will certainly give you very positive results that alone could be a complete and life-changing engagement. But if you want to compress and accelerate the timeline, work more assertively, and reach deeper healing more quickly (in 10 weeks or less); then consider the merits VS expense of the additional supplemental approach.

There have been thousands of hours and decades of learning put into teaching you how to provide foundational support to the body's healing endeavors. The program will build your knowledge base for a healthy life. If you are facing a greater challenge (history of antibiotic use, a diet of commercial, antibiotic meat, exposure to pathogens while traveling, history of more chronic derangement, an autoimmune disorder, IBS), then the clinical formulas are essential to addressing the GI microbiome in its entirety. Using the supplements and our carefully devised protocol can provide a foundational point of leverage for lasting whole body health.

If you skip the supplements this time, depending on how tough your case is, you will need to budget to do the FULL course sometime within 12 months of starting your program to leverage the “hard work” you put in within the program on diet, lifestyle, and cleansing.

What if I'm sensitive to certain herbs/supplements?

We have brought together the highest quality of supplements into our Gut Thrive in 5™ Supplement Kits. They contain no gluten, dairy, corn or soy and there are absolutely no fillers. We provide a list of every single ingredient before you purchase the kits so you can make an educated decision before doing so.

What about herbal interactions?

The beautiful thing about these magically crafted formulas is that they were developed for highly sensitive people who have both food and chemical sensitivities. We then staged out an approach to let all Gut Thrivers customize the pace of their detox to avoid herbal interactions as much as possible. Because the formulas are so gentle, their side effects are much less than traditional supplements, because there is not enough of one herb in them to upset medications or to have an interaction. The strength of this supplement program comes from the unity of all the herbs acting synergistically (this strategy employs the epigenetic component of this program). This way none of the “bad critters” living inside your body will get smart and resistant to any of the botanicals, and you will be set up for great success. Our knowledge base, customer support team, and videos will answer your specific medication and herbal questions to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the approach.

What if I'm interested, but not ready now?

You have access to the program for 1 year after you enroll. Once you're in, you may begin at any time, but we suggest at least logging in, taking the assessment to see what plan you fall into, and then ordering your supplements if you intend to do Gut Thrive in 5™ within one year of purchase. Keep in mind that we have a 14-day money back guarantee, so you'll also want to be sure this is the right program for you within that time-frame.

Does the course expire? What if I join now but can't participate until later?

You will have access for the lifetime of the product and be able to access it at any time once enrolled.  We suggest at least logging in, taking the assessment to see what plan you fall in and then ordering your supplements if you plan to do Gut Thrive in 5™ within one year of purchase. Note: Access methods to this program may change as technology changes through the years.

Can I do this program while taking immunosuppressant medication?

If you are on a short course of prednisone (10 days or less) or another immunosuppressant, you can eat within our diet parameters, but wait to start your supplement plan until you finish your medication. If you are on a long (extended use) course of immunosuppressants, you can start the program now. Our program can successfully run side-by-side and should not interfere with your medication. You may consider re-doing the program six months after discontinuing your immunosuppressants to re-boot and re-empower your immune system when it no longer is being suppressed. It's kind of like when a parent doesn't let their child ever speak up and then later in life they have to go through therapy to “find their voice.” Eventually, you will need to train your immune system that it's okay to live up to its full power and potential to take care of you.

Can I take this program if I'm currently taking antibiotics?

If you're only on antibiotics for 10 days or less, wait to take the supplement program until after you finish your antibiotics, but jump right in and fill out the assessment, get your supplements ordered, and start watching the videos and following our instructions. If you've been on antibiotics for a long time (anywhere from one month to years) because of acne or a very hard to kill bacterial infection and must continue them, start the program as soon as possible, and you should still get good results and be doing your body a huge favor.

When does my login get delivered?

All logins are delivered within 2-24 hours of purchase.

What if I've already done The Whole Journey three-month nutrition program? Can I still benefit from this?

Yes, 100% – this course is for anyone with a digestive system and will dive DEEP into the entire microbiome and provide an education you and your family can use for the rest of your life. The three- month program would have set you up well to experience minimal die-off and to come into GT5™ with more balanced hormones. You will be set up well for success by already understanding the basic tenets of our philosophy and approach to health.

What if I'm on the GAPS, FODMAPS, or SCD Diet right now? How do I transition?

You can eat according to any of the GI healing diets and do great on our program. It doesn't interfere with any other modalities. So if you are comfortable with the way you're eating, and it works for you, that can trump our eating plans. You can use them later because as your microbiome heals, we’ll want you to introduce one new food per week to expand to a full and varied diet.

Does it matter how old I am? Can children and the elderly do this?

We welcome those from age 12-80 to do Gut Thrive in 5™. Rejuvenating and restoring the microbiome can and should be done routinely (annually or every few years). Think of it as an equivalent to changing the oil in your car. It can add YEARS and infinite QUALITY to your life. Note: We also have a referral partner who can help to customize the protocol for children under 12. He offers a discounted rate to all of our Gut Thrive enrollees.

What if I've had part of my colon removed?

Start slowly and gradually build up as you're able to tolerate the formulas. The information provided in the program will likely help you figure out your “sweet spot,” and if not, you may need a half hour consult with Jack Tips to further customize the protocol based upon how you progress. Of course, we also want you first to check with your doctor and to continue to be guided by them.

What if I've had or currently have cancer?

This program will be extremely helpful and beneficial for you but check with your doctor first. It is not recommended if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation but would be a wonderful endeavor after that to help rejuvenate the liver, microbiome, and immune system.

Can I participate if I have celiac disease? Can it reverse the long-term damage?

If you've been diagnosed or suspect you have Celiac disease, you can participate in this program. This program supports the body's GI tract healing abilities. Microvilli (the little “hair-like” fingers in the intestinal tract that absorb your nutrients) turn over and grow back frequently, as long as they are not assaulted with foods and other forms of inflammation. All of the supplements that we have chosen for each of the Gut Thrive™ plans are entirely gluten-free and free of other excipients. Our research and clinical studies show you can restore your microbiome after years of damage from undiagnosed Celiac disease.

What if I need help one-on-one?

It's hard to find an exceptionally skilled, compassionate functional medicine practitioner who will take your case and be your partner in your wellness. Jack Tips, our resident Gut Thrive in 5™ practitioner, is that type of practitioner and he sees cases to their completion (i.e. you have gotten your life back). While his practice is typically overflowing with a 3-month wait list, he has agreed to make himself available for appointments for our Gut Thrivers and to offer ½ hour consults at $125 to be mindful of the expense you've already invested. As a Gut Thriver, his team will do their best to get you an appointment within 10 days if you need one (but we're hoping you'll get such great results that you won't!)

What should I do if I don't have the money for this course or can't afford supplements?

We totally understand. When you have been sick and suffering for a while, you've already spent a lot of money on your health, and it's so frustrating. That is part of the reason we created this course, because sickness bankrupts people. We take your trust seriously and care about you, your long-term health, and your future and we want our program to be finishing work for your gut healing process and not just another program you test out.

But you will have to choose health above EVERYTHING else. This is a must so you can see your kids grow up, play with your grandkids, have kids of your own, be who you're meant to be, create what you're meant to create, spend time in nature, and do the things you love.

There is nothing on earth more valuable than your health and if you truly believe that too, you will find a way to participate with us so you can get well and then increase your creative and earning potential from a healthy place.

We strongly encourage you to look at your lifestyle and the places where you might be leaking money – be it eating out, enjoying fancy coffees, monthly subscriptions for things you don't use, or even the gym (maybe you're too tired even to go). It may be time to re-appropriate those funds toward your health.

To do our program as laid out, you'll spend approximately  $1200 (course fee and supplements), and then you also have to budget for healthier food. Isn't that better than seeing yet another practitioner and typically paying far more in specialist and lab fees, and prescriptions or additional supplements because you didn't find your “formula” the first time around?

Time is money so also take into account the long turnaround time for lab work and appointments when determining the value of our doing our program. This is your one life to live, trust your gut if this feels right to you.

Can I do this if I'm pregnant or nursing?

You will be able to participate in Gut Thrive while pregnant and/or nursing by making some adjustments to the supplement protocol, increasing carbohydrate intake in the diet and eliminating of some of the detoxification techniques (ie no coffee enemas, salt flushes or castor oil packs). We provide two different modifications to the supplement protocol – one for during pregnancy and for moms who have been nursing less than 3 months (using digestive enzymes and probiotics) and a second modification for mothers who have been nursing for 3 months or more (multiple digestive enzymes, probiotics, a leaky gut support formula and reduced doses of 2 different anti-microbials). We also recommend adding a high quality prenatal supplement, fish oils and vitamin D, as needed to this protocol.

My doctor doesn't believe pathogens and leaky gut really affect our health. Who should I believe?

We believe you are a smart, capable, and powerful human being and that you can think for yourself. The reality is no doctor cares about your health more than you do. With that in mind, we'd encourage you to do a Google search for “intestinal permeability and heart disease,”  “intestinal permeability and diabetes,” “intestinal permeability and weight gain,” or “intestinal permeability and cancer.”

Read the studies. There are over 10,000. Take your favorite one to your doctor to read. MDs are fantastic, and we need them, but most are not educated in this way. It is an entirely different school of thought and having only 20 minutes with you is simply not enough time to ever get to the root of what's truly ailing you. You are the CEO of your health, not us, and not your doctor. You get to make the decisions, and we encourage you to be as informed as possible and to believe that anything is possible.

I've already tried lots of things to fix my digestion. How is this program different?

We commend you for your journey and know it's likely been a long, taxing road. Most of our clients have said the same thing. We are usually people's “last stop,” and thankfully so because the last stop means we can achieve real healing. Gut Thrive in Five™ is different because the assessment is unprecedented, the strategy PROVEN, and the formulas are customized and more holistic than any other approach out there.

We approach the WHOLE person, not just the physical body. Our program reconnects you to your original genetic blueprint and therefore gives your body the chance to reach its inherent genetic potential and to “turn off” disease.

We share with you over 40 years of combined clinical experience, and a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow, with food that tastes good and doesn't take forever to prepare. We help you create a mindset of wellness that lasts. We are exceptionally proud of this groundbreaking program. There is nothing else out there like it and we believe this process will revolutionize not only your own life, but also the integrative health care model.

I follow the paleo diet or the autoimmune protocol diet (AIP). How is this different?

The fact that you already eat this way tells us that you have the dedication and ability to fix your health. Our diet plan may even be more relaxed and easier for you to follow. We believe the human body is stronger than we give it credit for being. It's flexible and adaptable and shouldn't have to stick so hard to diets to maintain equilibrium.

Our goal is to bring you back to your original self and to the most powerful strength that you may not have even experienced yet in this life. Bringing you to this place as you go through this course, should enable you to live an 80/20 balance because your body will be strong enough to burn sugar efficiently when there are carbs present and to burn fat efficiently when there is fat present. If you stick to a healthy, clean diet 80% of the time, you can manage your health for life.

We have four diet options depending on where your assessment results take you. If you have SIBO or FODMAPS, your diet will be stricter than the rest. You must adhere to a specific diet for the first 6 weeks, and then we help you determine (based upon the level of healing you've achieved) when you're ready to move toward your 80/20 balance.

Diet is just one piece of healing your gut and fixing other health problems. You also need proven high-quality supplements with a strategy behind them that are proven to work time and time again, simple but effective lifestyle habits, and to eliminate any hidden root and environmental causes that are keeping you sick. GT5™ is different because it's all pulled together under one program with easy steps for you to incorporate into your daily life.

How soon will I start seeing results?

Results vary, but most people typically feel MUCH better after four weeks because the pathogen purge will be well underway and your intestinal terrain will begin to change. Some feel completely different within just the first two weeks.

Everybody is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to biochemistry. The average time to healing is one month for every year you've been unwell, but our course can slash that by 50%. So for example, if you've been very sick for 20 years, it may take you up to 10 months to realize the full effect of GT5™.

If you're coming to us already “healthy-ish” with some GI distress, your results will likely be more pronounced sooner. So as with anything in health, nothing is guaranteed… but we think you'll be incredibly pleased with your progress.

What if I don't have the time or if this is too hard?

This has worked for us time and time again in clinical practice and thousands of people from around the world. It's also what the latest trusted research shows to be effective for the long-term, and what some of the top functional medicine doctors and practitioners in the world do with their patients with stellar results.

Nobody has time these days, but what you truly value in life, you will create the time and energy to execute. It's a value that has to be cultivated. Outsourcing your health to your doctor or another practitioner hardly ever works. You have to be involved and committed to your healing process, and you must understand what's going on in your own body because it will empower you to always keep it in balance after that.

You just have to make the hard decision to make your health the #1 priority above all else. The airlines have it right: In an emergency, always put your oxygen mask on first and then save others. If you don't invest in your health today, who will? And who will be there for your loved ones down the road?

I live internationally. Can I still take the program?

Yes, you can access the membership site from anywhere as long as you have high-speed Internet and email access.

We can offer shipping to the following countries: Austria. Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland), Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, and Singapore.

NOTE as of 8/1/2016 Belgium has been removed from this list due to tighter Customs regulations.

AND PLEASE NOTE: USPS Priority International will be added to the cost of the Supplement Kit upon check-out but will NOT include any additional customs fees/duties imposed during the shipping process. The purchaser of the Supplement Kit will be responsible for any additional costs. If customs is refused, a refund on the Kit will not be granted.

If you are in a country we are unable to ship to and want to do the program, we recommend that you collect the ingredient list of the needed products and take them to your local health store/practitioner to try to match the ingredients and dosages as close as possible based upon what's available in your country.

How much time do I need to do this?

Spending 7-9 hours/week is ideal, and you will be setting yourself up for tremendous success. That's just an hour or two dedicated to Gut Thrive in 5™ per day, and then you can move on with your life!

Here is a very realistic breakdown of the time you will be putting towards this program on a weekly basis:

2 hours to watch all videos, read through materials and plan your actions items

2 hours for the live portion of the program (webinar Q&A)

3-5 hours for grocery shopping, prep and cooking

An additional 1-2 more hours for self-care in the mornings or evening (for things like oil pulling, meditation, or castor oil packs) would be a huge bonus. Self-care is essential throughout this program!

Do I get access to the entire program (all modules and sections all at once)?


How long can I use the GT5 program for?

You have lifetime access to the GT5 program and course materials, as well as the following Interactive GT5 Support subscription benefits which are free for one year from your date of purchase. (1st year included, $99/year thereafter):

  • The GT5 Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Quarterly LIVE Q&A Webinars with leading experts in gut health
  • Cutting-edge research papers on gut health
  • Customized customer care support from our team of clinical and integrative nutritionists

If you’d like to continue to receive access to the Interactive GT5 Support Subscription benefits after 1 year from your date of purchase, you simply do nothing. Your card or PayPal on file will be automatically charged $99 for another year.

But, don’t worry, you can manage your GT5 annual auto-renewal subscription preferences at any time and opt out of the annual auto-renewal subscription billing cycle which means that you’ll no longer have access to the Interactive GT5 Subscription benefits one year from your date of purchase.

We’ll also send you multiple auto-renewal notification reminder emails before your renewal date so you can see where you are in your healing process and make the best decision for yourself at that time.

What happens to my GT5 program access after 1 year?

You have lifetime access to the GT5 program and course materials, but If you’d like to continue to receive uninterrupted access to the Interactive GT5 Support Subscription benefits after 1 year from your date of purchase, you simply do nothing. Your card or PayPal on file will be automatically charged $99 for another year.

But, don’t worry, you can manage your GT5 annual auto-renewal subscription preferences at any time and opt out of the annual auto-renewal subscription billing cycle, which means that you’ll no longer have access to the Interactive GT5 Subscription benefits above after one year from your date of purchase.

We’ll also send you multiple auto-renewal notification reminder emails before your renewal date so you can see where you are in your healing process and make the best decision for yourself at that time.

Do you offer program payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans which has made this program a reality for thousands of people already.

You can click here for The Whole Journey’s 3 Payment Plan option that allows you to join now and pay with three monthly installments.

What’s included in the annual subscription?

For one full year from your date of purchase [$99/year thereafter] you receive the following benefits with your Interactive GT5 Support Subscription:

  • Access to the GT5 members-only Facebook group and community
  • Quarterly LIVE Q&A Webinars with leading experts in gut health
  • Cutting-edge research papers on gut health
  • Customized customer care support from our team of clinical and integrative nutritionists.

You can’t find this kind of online support with any other program!

I have an autoimmune disorder. What is realistic to expect from this program?

While this program has reversed many autoimmune conditions, it is a gut microbiome program. By improving the gut microbiome, you will improve your immune system. However, there is no one panacea, and we don't want you to come to the program expecting that. Everyone is different and will experience different results.

The fact that the gut microbiome can drive autoimmune disorder is well known, but fixing the GI tract does not ensure that the body will turn off the epigenetic expressions that are already occurring.

The microbiome is a factor, a cause, and a major contributor to autoimmune diseases. Failing to correct that will become an obstacle to health and the body's self-restorative mechanism. For the individual, correcting microbiome imbalances is certainly an improvement, but what the body does with that improvement is also individually determined. Many factors align to create an epigenetic expression of a “medically-labeled” disease.

After the microbiome is corrected, the body often requires a “directive” and “help” addressing other components of its distress.  In the holistic model, this can be attitudinal, stress, dietary, related to cell membranes, cellular metabolic processes, mitochondrial free radical damage, etc. -plus the need for a specific healing directive. There's just more to health than a panacea, but we will do our best to guide you as a group (not as individuals) inside Gut Thrive in 5™.

Note that it is not the purpose of this program to put off any medical care. Before you enroll, it's important to understand the assets and limitations, thus the actual scope, of this program's benefit.

Will this program help with Type I and Type II Diabetes?

This program has helped lower blood glucose and Hemoglobin A1C levels dramatically when tested with before and after lab work. The latest research on diabetes shows a strong gut microbiome link. This occurs via several mechanisms (all mechanisms which GT5™ improves):

1) Overgrowth of sugar producer species (firmicutes) that keep driving insulin resistance via glucose into the blood

2) Epigenetic switches that impact mitochondrial ATP production

3) Cell membrane inflammation that interferes with phosphorylation and glucose processes in the Kreb's Cycle

4) Signals to the brain via leptin (hormone that regulates appetite and weight control) and adiponectin (protein that regulates glucose and breaks down fatty acids)

The microbiome is VERY, VERY much involved, at a very CORE level. Correcting the microbiome has important ramifications and is a MUST to help your body heal itself from Type I or Type II Diabetes, but again it might be first base and not the complete healing process. Human biochemistry is complicated and unique, and results will vary.

I have Hashimoto's Disease. How can this program help me?

The gut microbiome affects thyroid performance, and research points to a pathogen-biofilm enzyme, transglutaminase, as being able to launch the immune system against the thyroid peroxidase enzyme (which gives you antibodies and is a major indicator of Hashimoto's) system. Again, the place to start is with microbiome improvement. This program, when faithfully executed, has been known to dramatically reduce thyroid antibody levels in both Hashimoto's and Grave's diseases. Again healing the gut is first base to improving the thyroid, but further work on the thyroid may be needed after Gut Thrive™.

Can I do this with my husband / wife / kids? Do I have to buy one program per person or one per household?

That's great that you want to do Gut Thrive together! It makes it that much more exciting to see how each person progresses through the program.

Regarding sharing, if you’d like to go through the program with immediate family members living in the same household, we now offer the “GT5 Upgrade: Add A Family Member” upgrade for a nominal investment.  

We require you to purchase the “upgrade” because the GT5 program is an evolving program that we are making constant upgrades to in order to best support you as research changes. Also, the Gut Thrive membership gives you access to our clinical support team of highly trained, practicing functional and integrative nutritionists so we’re able to address the specific health concerns of each enrollee in order to assist with  customizing the program to fit to your specific needs. You cannot get this kind of high-level, customized support from any other online program.

Each immediate family member who takes advantage of the “GT5 Upgrade: Add A Family Member” option will be provided their own login and password upon purchase, giving them instant access to the program and allowing them to receive customized support.

Each household member joining you in the program will need to use a unique email address to purchase the “GT5 Upgrade: Add A Family Member” option. Once enrolled, new members will receive instructions on how to access the program with their unique login credentials. Once logged in, they will be able to take the assessment and get started on this amazing healing journey right away.

The cost of the “GT5 Upgrade: Add A Family Member” option is $200 per adult, age 18 years and over. Again, each additional member must provide their own unique email address at the time of purchase. This will help to ensure email deliverability will run smoothly, that each new member will have the best experience possible, and will allow our amazing customer care team to provide world-class, customized support. Essentially, each unique email is the key to unlocking the healing inside the program and getting answers to those burning questions that are bound to arise along the way.

Your Welcome email will have all the details for how to buy the “GT5 Upgrade: Add A Family Member” option so that you can start your healing journey along with your loved one(s) today. The power and synergy of working together towards a common goal cannot be understated (especially when it comes to your health).

Lastly, we ask that you do not share your program login with anyone outside the household, as the system will lock an account if it sees conflicting IP addresses from multiple locations and it would be an infringement of our household-sharing policy.

May I use Gut Thrive™ Coursework or the assessment in my health practice or with clients?

Not yet, but soon. The Gut Thrive™ strategy is trademarked by The Whole Journey, and our assessment is copyrighted by Jack Tips after two years of hard work and clinical research. We plan to devise a practitioner training program at some point in the future. So do please check back with us.

Do you have an affiliate program for Gut Thrive in 5™?

We are currently updating our affiliate program and will provide more information very soon. Stay tuned!

I have multiple problems - H. Pylori, Hashimoto's, Fungus, Worms. How will that work?

Most everyone coming to Gut Thrive™ will have more than one issue. This program covers the microbiome in its entirety (microbiome being defined as the collective genetic material of all the microorganisms in your gut) and does not focus on only one “bug” so there is a strong, multi-faceted anti-pathogenic component that covers many bases. The assessment will slant your program to encompass all of your G.I. issues and give you a plan that covers multiple issues but will lean the support heavier on what is determined to be the most substantial pathogenic burden on your body and/or the root or gateway that allowed the other pathogens to enter.

Can I do the full program if I can't swallow pills? Do you have a tincture or liquid version of the supplements?

You can do this program even if you're not able to swallow supplements typically. Please don't let that be a deterrent. Four of our existing supplements are already in powder and liquid form, and while we do not have a liquid version of the pill-form supplements used, you can open up most of the capsules and take them with food or in water.

Will the program work for me with multiple chemical sensitivities?

You will need to proceed gently and take it slowly, doing as much as your body allows. Correcting the intestinal microbiome is so important as the gut/brain connection and cellular metabolic responses are connected. We suggest you start slowly with minimal doses of the anti-pathogenic supplements and gradually increase dosages so as to avoid or minimize migraines, skin rashes, etc.

What if I have a redundant colon?

The redundant colon is a challenge that you must accommodate, (i.e. -water, fiber, food choices) to get your equipment to work. So first, your food does have a long, tortuous journey, but you can find what makes things work for your individual needs. If you have not tried soaking flax seeds and having 4 T with each meal, that's something that may help You will have to customize your diet plan to meet your needs.

Due to these special circumstances, we encourage you to take advantage of Jack's Tips “quickie consultation” to help determine any particular considerations for you. Jack has continued to offer these half hour sessions at a discounted rate of $125, and these can be booked once inside GT5™.

The spastic colon is due to:

1) Microbial microbiome

2) Inflammation, and that's where this program can help. Your body has to establish a workable system with the redundancy, but the “spastic” aspect has to do with the microbes affecting peristalsis and inflammation from an imbalance in the microbial species.

The gas/bloating is due to “sugar fermenter species” overgrowth too high up in your intestinal tract. This program is designed to help with that.

You'll be a bit of “wild card” in that you have the extra G.I. tract length A dietary adjustment at the onset where you focus on the bone broth and thus reduce the “sugar fermenter” species will be a big help. Avoiding hi-carb foods (sugars, breads) and the first part of this program (starving the sugar-producing bacteria) will contribute to reducing the overgrowth and help improve that bloating. Then the second part will help with the overall balance, repair of inflammation, etc.

You'll need to start easy and make sure you can handle the work, so go little by little. Many of you with redundant colons will fall into Plan S which is slanted toward SIBO and FODMAPS.

How will it change my plan if I have kidney problems?

The microbiome program is a good, general place to start, but added kidney support will be necessary. This would be an instance where we would recommend taking advantage of Jack's Tips “quickie consultation” to help determine the formula and a remedy customized to you. These consults are offered at a discounted rate of $125 for 30 minutes and can be booked once inside GT5™.

If I'm on blood thinners, are your supplements safe?

The formulas do not have a “blood thinning” effect, meaning no increased bleeding or bruising.

How do the meal plans work inside the program? Are they all the same or different?

Once inside GT5™, you will complete our assessment which will determine which plan you should follow. Once you know that there are specific dietary recommendations and supplements (purchased separately as a kit) for each plan.

While the general foods to eat and foods to avoid are similar, there are also considerations to make each plan more effective. All diet plans are orchestrated to support the liver and the adrenals, to balance blood sugar, to slash inflammation, to combat yeast, fungus, worms, h. Pylori and all manner of GI “bugs” (aka – to stop feeding them and help usher them out of the body). The meals plans also target foods that heal leaky gut or intestinal permeability and balance HCL.

Does your plan work for gastroparesis?

If you have gastroparesis, we recommend adding on a “quickie 30-minute consultation” with Jack Tips for $125 as you go through your program.

He will need to know if you can take capsules with food that can clear your delayed stomach passage, if you can work with dietary fibers, if you consume solid foods, and a few other things. It is most likely you will have to open up the capsules and take the supplements that way.

If you are willing to give it a try, book a consult with Jack, and be optimistic about working with supplements, it's worth a try.

Does your program work for children?

Only children from age 12 and older. Younger children that do Gut Thrive™ should be concurrently guided by a physician or by Jack Tips.

Are your supplements kosher?

Our supplements contain RNA/DNA factors that are bovine (New Zealand) derived and are not kosher. These “factors” come from a tissue, (i.e. stomach, pancreas, etc.) and are treated with hydrochloric acid to digest away all the meat and tissue. What's left is a white powder that has the genetic amino acid structures. This is a very holistic and hard-to-come-by method of processing to allow greater healing.

Do I get a personalized response from the assessment questionnaire?

The automated assessment will put you into 1 of 4 Gut Thrive™ plans based on your results. It will not be personalized, but your answers to the assessment will affect the outcome of which plan you are placed. All plans address all parts of the microbiome and depending on which category your results put you in, your program will have a stronger pull toward bacteria, virus, yeast/fungus, protozoa, parasites, or H. pylori.

If you would like to go over your results with Jack Tips, he has graciously offered discounted “30-minute quickie consults” at $125 per session. Please keep in mind you are enrolling in a group program and not a program geared toward individualized care. We do want to set the expectations accordingly.

What if I've already purchased Gut Thrive™ and I can't find my password?

You can retrieve your password at thewholejourney.com/login. Just click on ‘Click here if you forgot your password' and your password will be emailed to you. Note: please enter the email address used when you initially purchased the program.

Will this help me if I have the MTHFR genetic mutation?

We have worked methylation support into this program for those who have trouble with detoxification. If you have MTHFR, you should continue your methyl folate/ methyl B12 while on the program, so that you are primed and ready for this work, and; because it's needed with or without the MTHFR gene SNP.

There are not many situations where the microbiome causes the body to correct the genes, but there are many cases where “everything works better” when the microbiome is healthier. Some bacteria “methylate” and some are involved in the manufacture of hydroxocobalamine which seems to work better when the gut has biodiversity and beneficial species.

So this program is a step in the right direction, and if your body does, in fact, have the ability to correct the gene, then this program is foundational, even necessary. Genetic repair does occur, but it's mostly epigenetic expressions that are involved. New horizons await with this research!

Does this program help with Lyme Disease?

Most Lyme patients have autoimmune and microbiome dysregulation. By improving the gut microbiome, the Lyme bacteria or other co-infections related to Lyme have a less sustainable environment and overall, will have a much harder time surviving.

Like with any stubborn bacteria, Gut Thrive™ addresses the overall environment of bacteria and the microbiome response to it. This program will also address biofilms and how to break through the biofilms which are an essential element to Lyme and the treatment of it.

Please note this program is not specifically designed for patients with Lyme disease or its co-infections, and we do not recommend going through the program when you are in a flared state. Our support team will not be able to answer specific questions around individualized health situations as it pertains to Lyme or your course of treatment.

Will you have a practitioner training program for this method?

We aim to implement a practitioner training program at some point in the future. We encourage practitioners to go through the program now, so you can have a more in-depth relationship with the process and the results when we do roll out our practitioner program. Please stay tuned.

If I react to the herbs, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We can take back full, unopened supplement kits only. We are also unable to refund any individually purchased supplements.

If I have both SIBO and Candida, will this program work?

Yes. When you complete the assessment and get your plan, which will address both SIBO, Candida (along with fungus), and other aspects of your microbiome, you will be placed into the plan that is slanted towards the issue that is causing the greatest problem. The assessment will determine this issue and where your starting point is and will then blend your work to address both concurrently.

What if I'm having surgery? Can I do this program?

As a general rule of thumb, give, give the body some time to heal itself after a surgery before resuming therapies or starting new programs.

As for the Gut Thrive In Five™ program, you should be able to initiate the program when you are eating your regular diet and are off any post-surgery medications. Check with your doctor regarding “normal activities and diet” post-surgery.

Are there any grains in any of your supplements?


If the herbs don't work for me, can I return them?

All supplement kits must be returned in their entirety and completely unopened. If it helps you to understand our success rate – our refund rate last time was less than .05%, as the vast majority found our supplements gentle, highly effective and most were non-reactive (or they had to go more slowly to reduce reactions).

What if I have questions during the program?

Once enrolled, you will soon see that we believe in providing as much information and education as we can, but we also have a full, searchable online Help Center to answer your Q&A, as well as a Community Forum to get support from your peers, and a very knowledgeable customer support team. However, it is important to remember that this is an entirely online program and does not provide one-on-one consulting that you may be used to with your health practitioner.

If you need additional support beyond what we provide in Gut Thrive in Five™, we recommend you schedule a 30-minute GT5™ consult with Jack Tips to get customized, individualized attention. He offers 30-minute consults for a discounted rate of $125 and can be contacted once enrolled.


And if our program isn't working for you, we have a 14-day
money back guarantee.



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